10 Years

This post is a day late because I slept most of the day yesterday after getting out of work. Master knows that I have been very tired while my body attempts to adjust to getting up early as hell Monday through Friday. I am gladĀ  that He is understanding. He said that He went through... Continue Reading →

Work Related

This post is work related, which is why it has no due date at all. I just felt like doing a post. *shrugs* Okay, so there are two people leaving the place that I work. One put in his notice because he got a better offer. Which I understand. I wished him luck. But when... Continue Reading →

Birthday Girl

On Saturday I officially entered my mid-thirties. I turned 34 years old. Normally I don't give a fuck about my birthday. I really don't. But for whatever reason I felt like celebrating this year. So I asked my boss, who is also our friend, for the day of my birthday and the following day off.... Continue Reading →


Some people may say I have "daddy issues". And I don't mean "Daddy" like I call Master. I mean "daddy" as in my father. Honestly I have never considered myself to have that. My father didn't want much to do with me when I was young because of how he is. He had no way... Continue Reading →


Well, as you can see I changed the theme of my blog. It's... different. Never had my blog look like this before, so I figured I'd give it a shot. Also, I got of got bored with just typing the due date of each post. So rather than doing that I will have an actual... Continue Reading →


Well, the dinner with His mother actually went rather smoothly. There was a lot of "grilling" in regards to our jobs. She has always been that way so I pretty much expected that. But as far as conversation went, it went well. Rather generic but there wasn't any attitude from any of us which is... Continue Reading →

Doctors Everywhere…

After some cancellations and reschedules I was finally able to go see my shrink this past Tuesday. He didn't have any suggestions in regards to finding a new shrink closer to home. All of his connections were actually further North than him. *sigh* So his best suggestion was literally to google it and just call... Continue Reading →

Sick of Being Sick

It's officially 2017... Yay. And do you know what this year has brought so far? Illness. Master got a pretty bad cold. He still has it actually and it's been almost two weeks now. It is a chest cold. So there is a lot of coughing and right now He barely has a voice at... Continue Reading →

The End of 2016

I know that my posts are normally due on Fridays but Master told me that it could wait until today. It is hard to believe that the year is almost over. But it has mainly been a rather shitty year so goodbye 2016! Don't get me wrong, some good things have happened too. Such as... Continue Reading →

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