Surprise Pictures

Well, Master has suggested that I just keep the blog where it is for now and go from there. I just made sure to make a new password that I have never used anywhere before. (Which was fun to try and figure out by the way...) Hopefully it'll stay safe now. Anyway, I am going... Continue Reading →


It has been almost a month since my last post. A lot has gone on since then. Part of the reason I hadn't posted is because I was locked out of my account and had to work with customer service to get control of it again. I changed the password but am now not sure... Continue Reading →

Checking In

Master read my last post and while He understands that it was important for me to type that out, He commented on the fact that I haven't done a truly dynamic based post in a long time. So I told Him that I would do another post. This one has no due date, so it... Continue Reading →

Crisis In My Own Head

Okay, so I am sure all of you know by now that I am bipolar. I have been on one medication since I was diagnosed. The dosage has been upped over time and there have been times where my shrink added a second medication because the first one wasn't cutting it and we couldn't up... Continue Reading →


I was supposed to dress up two weeks ago. On the week of our pay day I am to dress up for Him and do a blog post. So basically, the dressing up is due at the same time. Well, getting the blog post done on time is easy enough. But with how early one... Continue Reading →

Sleeping Arrangements

I know that this post is a couple of days late, however that is with Master's permission. Believe it or not quite a bit has changed in two weeks. Go figure. Our ferret is doing great and so is our mutt! Although our mutt still isn't sure what to make of the ferret yet. He... Continue Reading →

Furry Kids

This post is a day late with Master's permission. I will be perfectly honest, this post won't be about the dynamic. There have been some other changes and as a result, a rather large learning process on my part has begun. When I first met Master He had four female ferrets. Unfortunately, by the time... Continue Reading →

10 Years

This post is a day late because I slept most of the day yesterday after getting out of work. Master knows that I have been very tired while my body attempts to adjust to getting up early as hell Monday through Friday. I am gladĀ  that He is understanding. He said that He went through... Continue Reading →

Work Related

This post is work related, which is why it has no due date at all. I just felt like doing a post. *shrugs* Okay, so there are two people leaving the place that I work. One put in his notice because he got a better offer. Which I understand. I wished him luck. But when... Continue Reading →

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